Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tomorrow IS the day

I know that my last post claimed that it was the day, but in all respects, tomorrow really is the day. It’s the day that our move to Southern Utah becomes final and an actual reality. It’s going to be a good step for us financially and will I’m sure prove to be one of our better decisions.

Tonight however also proved a few chinks in our plans as we had a celebratory dinner of sorts with some good friends. It served as a reminder of even though we’re leaving winter and some huge debt, we’re also leaving some great people. It proved that we’re going to have to actually put forth some effort now and be good friends back.So Gfunk & Kgirl, here’s to you and thanks for a great night out. Sorry we couldn’t continue on with you to the side car, but we’ll see you next weekend in Vegas!

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