Thursday, October 16, 2008

um, Yeah!

I had to sneak away from the office a little early this afternoon to take care of a few items and get a much needed haircut before I head out to a hospitality conference next week. Before all of this however I had been working through next years budget numbers, which resulted in some sort of weird time warp and my not realizing what time it was. What does this mean? Well it means that I didn’t really eat lunch. Blamo, too late to do anything about it I had to hit the road. So when I got home later this afternoon I was starving…craving that something special. I scan the kitchen for that something and low what do I spy?

Oh ho ho, a brand spanking new bag of Cheetos puffs…but these aren’t any run of the mill puffs, oh no these are ginormous. I mean I can barely fit one whole in my mouth, and trust me when I say this…I, have a big mouth…

I have a slight problem when it comes to cheetos…especially puffs. If there were an AA program from cheetos I would totally have been ordered to participate via this or that courts mandate, and then promptly flunked out. I’m certain that one day Wife is going to come home from work one day and find me in a coma with lovely cheese encrusted fingers.

MMMmmmmm what a day that will be…

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