Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You’re Joking

A few months ago Wife and I went and saw “WALL-E” which was pretty poignant and kind of direct in addressing where humanity is going to end up if things don’t begin to change. I’ve done a decent job at repressing that information since leaving the theater, that was until I read this,  “India launches moon mission in Asian space race”.

Now I am in no means what so ever a tree hugging, liberal, humanitarian, green peace weenie. Not even close, but I can’t seem to contain the outrage boiling in my gut over this headline. A country where the majority of its population lives below the poverty line is spending billions upon billions to keep up with the Jones family next door. What complete and utter horse shit! Who can blame them though, look around the world and they’re not doing anything less than anyone else. Look at us…we’re more focused on what other countries think of us than how we treat our own citizens. We’re so focused on keeping our police strangle hold on the world that we refuse to take a step back and look at ourselves. Maybe it’s time that we began taking care of the problems at home before looking to solve the problems of the rest of the world. How can we set an example for someone else when we can’t do it ourselves?

But still, a 3rd world country sending a satellite to the moon to map its surface is more important than dealing with the poverty issues facing its population. And yet I act surprised by this. This in a country where men are slapped on the wrist for throwing acid in the face of their mothers, daughters, sisters and wives, setting them on fire or just plain murdering them and dumping them in an irrigation ditch all in the name of “honor”. Horse shit, absolute horse shit. Way to go India, keep turning that blind eye and one day you’ll be just like us, hope you’re happy.

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