Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Latest Revisions

I went on a tear yesterday and decided to make an attempt at updating to the latest version of WordPress 2.6.2 from our currently installed version 2.2. Wife and I had talked about updating our systems off and on for the past few months, each time returning to that what if everything crashes and we lose our sites and can’t get anything back. Well, coming from a background of starting out on an old IBM XT back in the day I can totally see her point. I remember going through high school having to use Mac’s in our computer lab because our district  was to snotty to use simple PC’s, THOSE machines are for laborers and people who schlep for a living…not my son or daughter, no they need to create and to make sure that they aren’t physically able to get sucked into a lifeless job in front of a computer we’ll make sure they don’t know how to use them.

Sorry, the crazy seemed to jump in there. Where was I?

Oh yeah, so we were pretty certain that the upgrade would cause some sort of doomsday reaction and that it would not only dump all of our blogging history but blow up the Western Hemisphere in the process. I decided that enough was enough and that if the Western Hemisphere was blown off the face of the planet because of it, well then we’d all be that much better off anyhow.

Our sites are hosted through liquid-web and they offer the use of fantastico to help the blogger challenged (much like myself) to keep on top of our updates and software upgrades. After making every physical back up to our sites that I could come across I crossed my fingers and clicked update. It took all of 20 seconds and was done. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I happily clicked on the “view site” link and was immediately taken to my page that was not proudly showing a large bold “NOT FOUND” error message.
Well I thought, thank God I didn’t update Wife’s site because she would have a stroke and I’d be found guilty for murder and rot the rest of my life away known as Erica to my closer friends in prison. So I began digging around and with Wife’s help realized that everything was still there, our categories etc worked as they should. Once you clicked through, everything loaded and it was if nothing was wrong. It was then that I realized that we had an external problem and that this issue had to be based in WordPress. After some frantic searching across Google and the WordPress forums I stumbled across a one line response that someone had given to someone else in a similar position. “Did you deactivate your plug-ins?” Ahhhh hell could it be that simple I thought. So I went back into the admin side and did just that. That’s when everything came back like magic and I thought I was in the pink again. With everything working I then re-activated all the plug-ins and found that I was back to square one. After some further trial and error I discovered that my Katesgasis Side Blog plug-in was causing all the trouble.  So after some frustration in trying to remember what our FTP address, user and passwords were I was able to auto update it and a few others.

For those independent WordPress users I highly recommend staying current in the newest software releases. I know that if we hadn’t gone from version 2.2 to 2.6.2 directly I would have saved some heartache.  Oh well, knowledge is power and now I know so next time won’t be quite so frightening.

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