Thursday, October 23, 2008

Drivers Ed…

I can’t seem to wrap my head around the thought processes many of the drivers on the road seem to go through every day. It’s like driving through a grand theft auto mission everyday on my way to and from work. People running red lights left and right. Making illegal turns and my most favorite of all, the left hand turn from the lane of travel. Come on people…there’s a center lane, sometimes known as the “turn lane” for a reason. Pull your winkled old ass into that lane and then make your left turn. This whole slow down to 2mph in the traffic lane, begin the turn and then remember to turn on your signal is getting a tad FRUSTRATING.

Oh no, don’t think that I’m only singling out the older population on this one…no no…you little bastards out there aren’t getting off that easy. Life isn’t a fucking video game where you can drive as you please while talking to your dumb-ass boyfriend and texting your best friend about the hand job you gave him last night (unless you’re in Utah then it’s that dry humping session but I digress), oh no it’s not. How about we put the cell phone down and focus on the road and traffic around you, oh and yeah…the center lane is where you should be initiating your left turn from, not the traffic lanes.

I swear, as life speeds up and technology takes over we all seem to forget the rules of the road. What would be refreshing on one of my commutes is to not get cut off, have to slam on the brakes for some dumb ass making a left turn right in front of me instead of from the turn lane, nearly get rear ended by some jackass texting on their phone or run the risk of getting broadsided because that yellow light doesn’t mean slow down and stop anymore, no no, it means hit the gas because the first 10-15 seconds of a red light don’t really count…didn’t you get that memo?


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