Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We’re a few days away to leaving for California so that I can attend a hospitality conference and so that Wife can wile her days away on the beach while I work. I think I’m getting the short end of the stick here. We’re going to be spending our time in San Diego which should be a lovely 70 to 75 degrees the entire time we’re there. We’re heading in a bit early so that we can have some time to play on Saturday before the conference starts that night. I’ve also arranged for us to stay an extra night so that we can play on Wednesday before coming home on Thursday afternoon.

I have to admit that I am feeling a little guilty about the whole thing. The conference falls smack dab over our 7th anniversary so I basically stiff armed Wife into tagging along so that we could get some sort of a vacation out of the deal, no matter how small it may be at this point. Either way I know she’ll love it. It’s been a few years since I was last there, but from what I remember it was absolutely gorgeous. I can see why so many people flock to the area.

I think we’re just going to play it by ear and make our plans on the fly. I know that she really wants to see Sea World and where it’s like a mile away from our hotel that’s pretty much a given. I also remember a pretty sweet swap meet happening at the sports arena (I think that’s where it was) that we may also try to hit on Saturday. I’m pretty sure that it was at the San Diego Sports Arena and if that’s the case it’s all of another mile or two down the road. I like things that are close…no worry…no hassle.
Either way this should be a relaxing trip (at least for one of us).

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