Saturday, April 18, 2009


February 25th…I suck…plain and simple I suck.

There’s no excuses for not having posted in that length of time and I won’t bore you with the details. The economy sucks, which translates into more work for me in an effort to generate business and retain my job, plain and simple. So that by the time I get home from my job I have absolutely no desire to take on anything else but sitting on my fat butt and attempting to decompress.

I did finish up a couple of tables for my parents that they had asked for. It seems they’re in the midst of a bedroom makeover and decided they needed something new. So my time away wasn’t a total loss. It gave me a chance to try out some new techniques, mainly the Kane Tsugi joint…I’ll post some pictures in a few days.

Wife and I also made an offer on a house based off of Utah’s “Home Run Grant” which would give the buyer $6000.00 towards the purchase of a new construction home. We were lucky enough to have found one through the company that owns the brokerage that she works with and got that process rolling. The down side to this entire deal was being forced to use a mortgage company owned by the same company that owns her brokerage (yeah…how’s that legal). Well it turns out that they are still just as crooked and underhanded as they were a few month/years ago. At the very start one of the office workers who seemed to have a soul raised a red flag on an item, we questioned whether it was a problem and if so, did we need to shop different lenders? That’s when the mighty mortgage broker stepped in and told us nooooo this isn’t an issue and we’ll push it through, trust me…well guess what, after wasting 3 weeks of our lives and taking so much time that it is now no longer a realistic attempt at the grant, we’ve been turned down unless we incur MORE debt right now and turn in one of our vehicle leases 5 months early. How does that make sense? I’ve had a mortgage for several years in the past, always paid on time along with every other loan, lease, credit card etc that we’ve had…and yet we’re told too bad you’re a risk. I don’t care who you are, but the financial markets aren’t improving…if they were Wife and I wouldn’t have had this problem. It seems that good credit, a stable payment history, a stable work history and liquid cash in savings still isn’t enough to achieve the American dream and now makes you a “risk”.

So thanks Obama…thanks for giving away my hard earned tax dollar to bail out these companies that refuse to assist the little guy as they had said they would. So glad to see you’re holding their feet to the fire and making them make good on their word…good job…jackass….

But it’s not so much as being told no…it’s how we were told no. This issue that has us hung up could have been addressed 3 weeks ago and been properly handled before we got to this point. Yet what does the mortgage company care, they’ve got my check for 450 bucks to cover their complete Bull Shit processing and application fees. They got their money so why should they work any harder to make this a reality. And then on top of that to have the broker imply that it’s our fault because we’re unwilling to turn one of our vehicles in early is unfathomable.

So that’s fine…we’ve decided to get back to our original plan and keep on saving so we do this on our terms and not the banks or mortgage companies terms. We hadn’t really planned on jumping back into the game this soon anyhow and that’s fine…but it doesn’t make the sting of having to work with certain companies and people that should have learned from their past mistakes and should be grateful that they still have jobs and aren’t in jail from their money grubbing ways.

So whatever…emortgage can suck it, I know I’ll never send anyone their way and will be more than happy to relay the less than desirable way we were treated to anyone who will listen.