Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Political Low Point

I’ve been fighting with myself over whether to post anything on this site concerning the current state of politics in this country. Unfortunately I don’t think I can remain quiet any longer. I’m tired of reading through this blog or that blog and just wanting to bang my head on the desk in frustration. Everyone seems to have an answer or a reason as to why we’re currently in the state that we’re in. They all seem to point the finger at President Bush and his less then shining record of action.


President Bush isn’t the Antichrist that every liberal news media outlet out there would have you believe. If you want to begin pointing fingers you need to point them at yourselves. YOU elected the real people in power and have no idea what you have really done. Everyone is sooooo tied up with the president’s position when they really need to be taking a look at those men and women that are currently representing your voice in the Senate and Congress. It’s these people that really make the country move in a certain direction, not the president. Yes the president has the power to create and veto laws, bills and various programs, but he or she in no way has the power to turn the tide of a country one way or another like that of the Senate or Congress.
Last night I refused to watch the debate because there is absolutely no point. Why have a debate when it’s not a debate? Where is the accountability? Where is the structure and demand to answer a direct question with a direct answer. This is how I will fix the problem, 1, 2, 3. We as a country have become so blinded by our own sense of superiority that we refuse to open our eyes and our minds to new ideas and demand that those we have elected be held accountable and actually represent US for once.

I’m not going to give you my stance on the current presidential candidates other than they both scare the hell out of me.

On one side we have Barrack Obama, a man who clearly doesn’t understand basic economic principles and is proposing tax cuts for the middle and lower incomes while raising taxes for higher incomes. WAKE UP…budy, the only thing that this is going to accomplish is to drive the final nail into many American businesses and force the middle and lower incomes out of a job. What happens when the higher incomes are now taxed more? They have less disposable income, which in turn means they now purchase fewer and fewer of the luxury items that the middle and lower incomes produce. In other words this translates into even less cars being purchased, less boats, less homes, less electronics etc. Who makes those items? YOU AND I do, so now that they’re not being bought by the higher incomes due to a tax hike what happens to you and I? We’re out of a job, tell me how that is a good thing. Everyone thinks that taxing the rich is the answer to our problems when in reality it will only add to them. The rich have the money and will always have the money. Raising their taxes just means that they hold onto it tighter and spend less of it on those items you and I produce on a daily basis.  If you don’t believe me I suggest you take 15 minutes out of your time and do some basic economic principle research. Hit the library or better yet hit the local college and find an economics professor…they’ll tell you the same damn thing.

He’s also touting change change change. How can you change when your running mate is a senator that has been in office for what seems like a life time? How is a long time senator who ultimately is the real problem with politics in our country change? How are they going to give us something different and begin pushing the country back to the level it had once been?

On the other side we have John McCain, a man who is afraid of rocking the boat. He’s touting change and that he knows how to fix the problem, but really hasn’t put out anything new. The most interesting bit would be his pick of a woman as his running mate. Does she have what it takes to cut the mustard or is she a gimmick? Hell if I know. The only thing I can see that he has running for him is his experience in the military. And lets face it, every country out there pretty much hates us and we may need someone who’s been there and experienced that. Other than that I don’t see much in him either. He’s kind of like that toad stool on the stump in your back yard. It’s always there, not really doing anything, but not really hurting anything either. Not really the type of person we need as a president when we’re currently in the financial and military fiasco’s that we’re currently in.

The one that will get my vote is the one that can prove in the next 20 some odd days that he has the know how and the drive to extricate ourselves from the rest of the world and to begin fixing the issues we’re facing here at home. Will it be one of the two mentioned above? probably not. I think this year may be a year for “none of the above”. I think the real question is does Obama or McCain have what it takes to fix our broken country? Unfortunately I believe the answer to be no on both sides.

On a lighter side I was pleasantly surprised to find that Wife had packed me a some yogurt and homemade granola this morning. I know that it wasn’t the success that she had been looking for, but it still turned out good which is more than I can say about our looming presidential election.

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