Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today IS the day

It looks like our constant finger crossing is finally paying off. Wife and I leave today to head back to northern Utah to close on the sale of our house and the way the markets are going right now I’d say we’re pretty damn lucky that it’s happening.

I’ve been a little nervous about the whole thing because of all the financial upheveal and wondering how we’d be able to buy a new home if our sold. In all actuality I’m thinking of this as a step that has it’s up sides and one down side. The up sides are that we’re out from under it and no longer have to worry about how we’re going to pay the mortgage tomorrow. There’s no more utilities, insurance, or upkeep and all that extra cash is going to pay off some major debt now. I’m that much closer to answering to no man… However the one downside is that we no longer have that huge investment. The one thing that always seems to stay strong, “real” property. No matter, it’s sold, we’re closing and moving and getting on with life. So in a few months when the markets stabilize and we’re out of debt we’ll be able to secure that much nicer of a home because we won’t be strapped for cash every month. Freedom, sweet sweet freedom.

On another note you’ve probably noticed a few major changes to the site in the past 24 hours. Well, with the thought of no longer being tied down I’ve been able to focus a little more on the site and getting it to where I’d like it to be. I think I’ve just about pushed this version as far as I can and will now need to look at a complete overhaul. This isn’t going to be an overnight process, noooooo way. I’m talking about a fully designed and functioning site based off of my own templates. So until that happens enjoy the new additions and I’m sure I’ll figure out ways to tweak version 1.3874-5b (current format for those of you not in the know) and will continually push it for better flow, ascetic’s, function etc. So stay tuned and in the mean time why not subscribe to the new rss feed? You know you want to. Some of the other changes are the addition of a page that shows what’s currently on my iPod or iPhone. I’ve also added some feeds to what I’m reading on a daily basis and a few other little tweaks. Hop you like it.

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