Thursday, October 18, 2007


Why did I get up this morning? I was sooo warm and toasty in bed, why did I get out? I knew there was going to be a crap load of snow…I HATE snow…

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ummm, Duh?

While reading through the morning news today I happened to click on a story regarding America’s middle class and how poor it’s becoming. Now don’t worry, I’m not going to bash this or that branch of government, I’m not going to bitch about a war over oil, I’m not going to rip on the SUV driving soccer mom and I’m definitely not going to point a finger at any one person. I am however going to give the entire plight one giant DUH…You can read the article here thanks to MSN (I know…that liberal media…what I am I reading it for? At least it’s not Fox) for opening our eyes.

I mean really…thank God they said something or I would have thought that our having to live paycheck to paycheck was because of the Republicans…whew that was a close one…

Wait, did I really just say that? Oh no, I’ve become a self hating Republica…must be time to pack up the family and head for the bomb shelter.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Writers Block

Looking at the site this morning I realized the inevitable, I’ve got writers block or something very like it. The problem is that this isn’t just extending to the supposed daily attempt at updating this site. Sadly to say it has extended into the garage…man’s last domain of masculinity and I have no clue as to what I should be doing in there at any given moment lately. This normally isn’t a huge issue for those guys out there that are lucky enough to have more than a 10×20 single care garage…no, no, those lucky bastards that have 2 or 3 car garages have enough space to work on the car, open the beer frige, watch the game and hide from the wife at the same time, all without raising alarm that they haven’t made enough noise to really be working. I however have decided to stuff my single space with enough wood working equipment to fill a full woodworking shop in an attempt to escape my daily grind for greener pastures. This is where the writers block is kicking my ass…not only has it affected my ability to keep you all glued to your refresh button hoping that a new post will magically appear, but it has affected my attempt at climbing over the fence and enjoying those greener pastures. It seems that I have no less than 6 ideas for new pieces of work in my head at any given time, but I can’t get those to manifest in the shop…So lately I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garage pacing back and forth attempting to force these ideas out and onto the table so that one day my morning commute will be all of 50 feet. Then on those days that I’m not pacing back and forth in the shop I’m feeling guilty that I’m not in the shop…sucks…I think I need a mental enema, maybe then I’ll be able to empty my fat head and get some work done…

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Why are you smiling like that?

Oh Mr. Potato Head, the shame you’ve brought to the Misses and the tatter tots…
Thanks to for bringing us the latest plight on today’s celebrities