Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Desert Sunrise

This past weekend went by far too fast. I think it was because Wife was here and when you only get to see your spouse for a few days every 2-3 weeks things kinda fly by and then you’re watching them drive away. SUCKS I know…

We spent a considerable amount of time looking into neighborhoods and houses and new developments in an attempt on locating our perfect new home. The problem is that the housing market really hasn’t fallen here. Either people don’t have to get out or those that do can’t afford to drop their house to a reasonable market value because they paid too much for it in the first place. So needless to say things are getting pretty frustrating. I like one lot and home design in a new development and Wife thinks it’s beyond our reach and that we should keep looking…What are ya gonna do…

Either way this morning was a reminder that we’re moving here for a reason.

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