Friday, April 25, 2008


I’ve made the long trek back to Park City this weekend to spend some quality time with my wife and make a vain attempt at improving the look of our yard. Upon arriving here yesterday afternoon it became apparent that the later will most likely not occur. There is just too much damage to the back lawn at this point to perform the minor surgery that I had planned on and place a few pieces of sod here and there. No, no that would be too simple for someone like me. It seems that the little bastards, otherwise known as our furry children yet again did a number on the lawn and have turned it into a vast wasteland of death and decay. Gotta love trying to sell the house of which one of our key features is that we have the largest and nicest backyard of anyone else in our area…tough to make that sell with 50% of it being a big dead mess.

Oh well…what are you going to do. I guess we’ll just have to spread a crap load of seed and hope that it takes off. Better yet maybe we can convince someone to just buy the place and we’ll give them a landscaping credit for it.

The trip hasn’t been a complete loss as of yet. I mean really who doesn’t love the haven’t seen you for like 3 weeks dirty monkey sex…and it was DIRTY MONKEY SEX…maybe I should stay away for longer next time.

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