Sunday, September 28, 2008

Go Forth and Spam No More

As some of you may remember I had turned my comments section off due to the amount of spam sneaking through the system. I then turned them back on when I starting using the Akismet spam filter (find it here) last month. It’s a great tool, but not the best. All it really did was presort all the spam and allow me to mass delete it at my whim or it would do it for me after 2 weeks. It’s not a bad plugin and I highly recommend it for EVERYONE using WordPress as the base for their blog. For someone who has just started blogging or has not had a tough time with spam it would work great. It just didn’t cut it with me (probably because of the mass quantities of inuendo on the site, boobies, cock) for some reason…weird.

Anyway I just couldn’t get over the fact that I was still seeing all this spam coming through my system and not really do anything about it. So today I did some searching and found a simple little WordPress plugin that acts as the word verifier that many other sites use but is much cooler and a little educational. The plugin I’m talking about is called the “Challenge” (find it here) and requires that anyone posting a comment now must complete a simple math problem. True, it is a little vindictive to those of you that like me were a little less enthusiastic about math, but hey, life’s a bitch and I think the irony is kinda fun.

But I have since decided to hold off the start of this new phase of the site until tomorrow. Why would I do this? Simple…One month ago today, exactly today, I installed the akismet plugin and in that timing I have currently, at this very moment filtered 7, 963 no wait, 7,964 comments concerning how to enlarge my penis, buy viagra without a perscription and see hot asian teen whores exchanging various body fluids with a dwarf. How could I not let this continue for at least the remaining few hours of the day just to see where a full 30 days would get me? I’m pushing for at least 8, 273 comments by the time I put a stop to it tomorrow…how sweet will that be? As a little treat I’m going to post up a few of the better offers tomorrow. I can’t wait!

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