Monday, September 29, 2008

This is The End

It’s time for all the spam to take a bow and stop wasting my time. So by the time it came for me to pull the plug we easily topped the 8,000 mark, 8,156 to be exact, not the estimated 8,273 but a good start and not a bad number for 30 days. So say good night Cleavland, it’s time to go.

But before we call it a complete loss lets take a look at what came in between yesterdays number and todays.
“lvbz”, wins the award for last minute length: “s tuesday||usb speakers no sound card||bracelet including||pokemon ruby get jirochi||double diamond||silver wolf||ruby daphane huff||single stone silver rings||birthday card invitation sample||card ge master platinum select||diamond peak ski||silver halid” I’m totally excited about the Pokemon ruby, aren’t you?

“jntzfe”, wins the agriculture award with: “buy bred cows ” Because I’ve always wanted a bred cow.
“jmaoul”, has it for the most obscure location: “cheap car rental in wareham“Because I’ve always wanted to see Wareham…beautiful churches…travel channel.

“dtkc”, how could I pass you by when you’ve got this going for you: “napoleon dynamite valentines cards” After all who could say no to a Napoleon Dynamite valentine card? I would have gotten so much action this last Valentines day if I had only had one. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
And finally we have “idal” with my absolute favorite: “buy mystical dragon webkins” Because no one is complete without a mystical dragon webkin…how have I lasted this long without one. I swear my plus 3 mage just couldn’t do without one any longer. Thank You “idal”

So if you couldn’t tell by now I seem to have fallen prey to some pretty boring spamojaculators that think I need to be advertising and redirecting my readers. Thanks but no thanks guys. And yes there are more to what I’ve posted but I’m exorcizing e karma and not posting the myriad of fake email addresses, websites or ip addresses of these ass hats, I know you wanted to see it all but too bad.

So I say ciao to these guys, hopefully our paths won’t cross again.

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