Sunday, November 23, 2008


I plug my ipod into my computer and up comes that nasty message “itunes has detected an ipod in recovery mode. You must restore this ipod before it can be used with itunes” Why me? I think it does this on purpose. It’s one of those little things that Apple has written into all their software that makes their products self destruct after so many months, ultimately requiring you to repurchase your music or go without. Thank God I learned so long ago to back up my itunes, but the problem is is that I have nearly 5000 songs and 28 gigs of the 30 used. Yeah it’s going to take me like 3 days to re load that back up. Bastards I tell ya, bastards!

Don’t they know that I’ve been putting off cleaning up my itunes library for oh so many months now? I mean come on guys…do you know how many duplicate songs I have in there thanks to the penchants of itunes to duplicate rather than move songs after you’ve selected like 80 of them. Yeah, great idea there guys. Like I have the time to do that and restore my ipod. It’s not like I’m a web designer or system administrator or some other bull shit job that doesn’t require any real time focused to it. It seems that my employer gets pretty uptight when I decide to stay home and have a second or third cup of coffee while monkeying around on my computer. I have a real job it seems…I knew I should have finished my degree, but noooo I had to join the real world and pay my bills. If only I had stuck to it, I too could be one of those bastards that does nothing all day but sit in my pajama’s in front of my computer screwing around and calling it work. Bastards!

And before I start getting the hate mail, yes, I’ve tried resetting my ipod, several times in a vain attempt to keep from having to face the truth that it needs to be restored. At least it still works in the car so the inevitable restore can be schlepped off for a few more days…

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