Monday, November 3, 2008


I hate daylight savings. It does absolutely nothing but throw my system out of whack and effectively make me tired for the 2 weeks following the change. I understand where it came from and why we needed but we’re no longer chained down by the amount of daylight we have at our disposals. I think it’s time that we abandon this weird shift in time and allow the country to progress as God had intended.

I mean really…here I am still in my office and it’s 4:30 and the sun just set behind the ridge effectively throwing us into twilight for the next hour and a half. IT SUCKS!

On a lighter note I was cruising through the pictures of San Diego on my iPhone while eating lunch and came across one I completely forgot

I took this as we were heading off the beach in Coronado as the fog was rolling in. Being a mountain boy it was amazing to sit there and watch it roll in off the water, across the beach and up and over the buildings. Too bad the iPhone doesn’t have a zoom yet, this picture could have been far more amazing, but it’s still not that bad.

Oh how I long for the beach!

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