Saturday, November 8, 2008

glub glub

What the hell! What…The…Hell!

The economy is in the crapper so what do credit card companies do? They jack your rate to force every last penny out of you in order to keep sending their executives on retreats to Cancun. Total BULL!

Wife just informed me that our American Express just made an astronomical jump to 24%. WHAT THE FUCK? 24% why not just bend me over and take it straight out of my ass. Thank God our credit isn’t as bad as it had once been. Nor are we currently tied down to a mortgage so unlike the majority of credit card holders out there right now, I don’t have a HUGE debt to income ratio so lets jack my rate. Yeah egg heads that totally makes sense. Let’s jack the rate of those that have the money to pay for things with cash and discourage them from using our services, that’ll keep us in business. Makes complete sense to me too.

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