Sunday, June 24, 2007

Surprise Surprise

So it’s been a year since we first started renovating our house…did I mention that we took the winter off even though all we had left from last summer’s projects were to paint some door jambs, doors and the entry? Yeah, we’re a bunch of lazy bastards…So here it is a year later and mere thought of these unfinished products just makes me itchy…and I say itchy because that’s how the noise in my head manifests itself when it has filled every square inch of gray matter to the point that my head is about to explode into a gooey mess. The other problem is that when the noise gets to this level of crazy loud it begins to stretch out its little tentacles, searching for any other little issue that it can grasp and then adds it to itself and cranks up the volume another few decibels. What’s been added to the already deafening roar in my head lately? Oh, only our unfinished office/laundry room and nasty entry tile floor.

The best part of this deal is that Wife left this morning to attend a convention in Colorado through Wednesday. She attempted to woo me into attending the convention with her, but the thought of spending nearly a week with a bunch of drunken convention goers just didn’t sound like my kind of scene. Plus I have the noise to deal with and what a better weekend to do than this…Wife out of town and I have the next five days off…perfect for a little noise control if I do say so myself. Even better than that is that Wife has no clue as to what I’m up to…happy early anniversary…

On the list for this week…dry wall, plaster, painting, painting and more painting…oh and a sweet ass new slate floor in the entry…ah yeah

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