Monday, June 25, 2007

Day 2

Thank God today is done…Can I just say that I absolutely HATE, and I mean HATE plaster work. Hours of thinning joint compound and then rolling it on the walls or splotching it on the ceiling. Had I been smart about this I would have rented a texture sprayer, but that wouldn’t build character now would it.

I also took some time to get the old nasty tile chipped out while the finish coat of joint compound dried this morning. I’m not sure how well the slate is going to go down with all the old thinset still on the concrete, but there’s no way I’m chipping all that out…what a pain in the ass that would be.

So now that the dirty work is done it’s time to start painting…but that’s tomorrow’s job.
While I was attempting to cover the walls and ceiling with texture I kept thinking about how my brothers and I were constantly being placed into situations that help grow character. What I mean by this is that my parents for one reason or another felt it necessary to build a new house every 3 or 4 years, and to help us grow character they turned us into their own little sweat shop day laborers. I mean really, how many contractor hours they must have saved with their version of cheap labor. However, had it not been for Mom and Dad ignoring the vast number of child labor laws, there is absolutely no way I would be capable of pulling these jobs off. So I guess there was character to be built along with the houses after all, and thanks owed to Mom and Pop for sending it my way.

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