Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ta Daaa

Almost a year ago I made the jump to an iPhone. As I was completing my order online I went through all the cases and screen protectors in an attempt to keep my new investment safe. Then jumped in the voice of reason (I like to call it Wife)…you don’t need that, it’s like another $60.00 and for a $400.00 phone that’s just too much. Here look at this video by PC World. They dropped it like 10 time on the concrete, scratched it with a key and nothing happened…it’ll be fine without the case etc.

I will admit that after viewing the video I too believed that I wouldn’t need those protections either. I even dropped the phone getting out of my truck at the gas station and watched it pinball around the concrete and gas pump like 4 times before it came to a rest. This resulted in nothing more than a few scratches on the chrome trim ring. Alright I thought, this thing really can take a beating. Well, that was until karma decided to give me a bitch slap across the iPhone. It seems that at Thanksgiving my brother pulled out his new 3G and low and behold it was tightly packaged in all the protective casing and scratch proof covers like a new born little baby. I scoffed…you don’t need all that crap, look at mine, it’s nearly a year old, been dropped on the concrete at least a dozen times and been in my pocket non stop since the day I bought it. True it shows a little wear, but nothing more than an average cell phone would be showing at this age.
Bitch Slap O Rama baby…

Not even a week after uttering these words I find myself getting out of the truck like any other day, keys and iPhone in hand. Well that day was not just any other day, it was the day that Karma came creeping up my driveway and helped me drop my iPhone once again onto the concrete. The difference however was that that day the planets were perfectly aligned, the wind speed and shear was just right and karma was on their side. So as my phone tumbled to the ground it landed perfectly upside down, directly on its screen. Oh Shit! that’s not going to be good. I bent over and picked it up and what do my eyes see?

This: Warning, those of you with a weak constitution should look away…just look away

Oh the horror…THE HORROR!

The real bummer is that I also opted out of the insurance plan…it’s tough, what do I need that for? After all the only thing that’s going to kill it is dropping it in water and the insurance doesn’t cover that…SHA RIGHT!
Needless to say, I will be insuring the new 3G that replaces this one and wrapping it up like a little new born and coddling it everywhere I go…no no…don’t touch…it’s sleeping…we just look at it, not poke it.
Oh well…life goes on, I guess…

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