Monday, December 8, 2008


With the impending end of the free world as we know it, I’ve been wondering what’s in store for the flashy veneer that the 21st century? Will less money translate into the resurgence of real toys for kids? Children once again playing football in the streets, building tree houses and riding their bikes? Will this spell the doom of the ipod, xbox and playstation? Or have these items become so ingrained as the norm that there’s no dethroning them from their pedestal?

Ultimately what I’m driving at here is, what in the hell happened to Charlie Brown? I remember the olden days of the 80’s growing up and watching the happy Christmas special 3 or 4 times before Christmas. Now you’re lucky if you get to see it once. Have we really changed so much that a simple story with timeless characters (with an overly christian theme, but I can look past that) have become passe or politically incorrect? Is the message about Christmas being about the small things, friends, family and time together really that bad?

Well hopefully the turn in the economy will help us realign some of our values and push our kids outside to play in the snow on Christmas rather than plunk them in front of the TV with that new xbox…besides…it’s my turn, so go outside and play in the snow for awhile, I’ve got an alien overlord to blast with my laser cannon!

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