Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good Morning

A conversation from this morning concerning a cryptic email in my inbox from Wife:
The Email: (Names have been changed to protect the innocent)
“So & So’s House ROCKS!!!!
Sky Mountain Beauty!  If you have a buyer for a golf course
property, please show her house. I DID and my peeps loved it,
cant convince them on Hurrican  yet but want you to know….She
is an awesome agent and needs to sell her personal home
The conversation:
Her: Awesome. “peeps”
Him: wha????
I’m confused…remember that talk we had about making sure to give me some back ground before launching into things like this?
Her: Hi Matt,
Isn’t this a funny email? These are the ones that the Realtors send to the board down here. It’s so amusing the language they choose to use. I like the use of “peeps” in this email.
Him: why thank you Wife…SMART ASS
Her: Hey…you wanted complete sentences, biatch  ;)
Him: no…I just wanted a little back ground since I had no idea who the forwarded email was from…is this from one of your old PC buddies…is this from your old broker…what???
You had to be a smart ass…no no…that’s fine…I’ll pay you back
Her: What, with smart-assedness? I’m certain you will, my dearest.
Him:  I do my best!
And you know I’m going to blog this…
Her: Do your worst! You don’t scare me.
Him: you know you’re afraid of my blog…the sheer weight it carries in the electronic world is staggering!
Her: Staggering. In fact, I can’t think of a single thing on the internet other than your blog. And porn. Your blog and porn are all that are left on the internet.

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