Friday, August 17, 2007


 After Wife read yesterday’s installment of my crazy life, she kind of freaked…not freaked in a bad way, but freaked none the less. It seems I get a little too heavy in some of my posts…is it true? Am I getting too heavy with my readers? I don’t think so, after all this is one of my only outlets to unleash the crazy building inside. So world if I’m getting too deep or too heavy for you too damn bad. It’s better that I reveal it here rather than out on the highway with my front bumper and those kids in the crosswalk, or that lady in the Lexus that always cuts me off on the way to work…you know who you are and I know you know that you ALWAYS cut me off. It’s like some perverted little game that you like to play, but no more missy…I’m on to you…

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