Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Over the weekend Wife and I had to head back to northern Utah to check on the house…

And yes, it’s STILL forsale. Freaking economy is killing me…but I digress

While we were there we hit the local Wendy’s for a quick lunch, much to my own distaste for that chain.  It seems that I’ve been put on the Wendy’s black list. I don’t know what wrong I must have committed in my prior transactions with this company but over the past few years it has become oh so clear that they were out to screw me. Nothing major mind you but enough for me to constantly say “what the hell is their problem?” It seemed like everytime I attempted to do business with this chain they would screw up my order. Nothing major but everytime it was the same thing. I would munch happily on a few fries and then go to take that first sip of my Coke only to find that it’s a blastidly horrid Diet Coke. That is just wrong my friends. This whole metality of diet soda’s is asinine, I mean common. A: you’re tricking your body into believing it’s recieving something that it’s not, which then throws your body into insuline shock and causes you to eat or drink even more than if you had just had the real thing to start with. And B: it tastes like you’re licking the bottom of your shoe with a battery in your mouth. Diet drinks are a scam and should be outlawed. Then to offer these beverages at a fast food resturaunt is laughable. I don’t care who you are and what you think you’re ordering…if you’re eating at these establishments on a regular basis a diet soda is not going to correct the real issues here. That’s like the whole mentality of “I can have that 1200 calorie piece of cake because I’m going to have a diet soda with it” ASININE! But I digress…again!

The miracle is that on this round when I took my first sip of soda…HALLE FREAKIN LUJAH
they got it right. The first time that I have EVER and I’m not exagerating here folks…the VERY FIRST TIME that I have visited this location did they get my drink correct…but I can’t claim too much of a victory here because they did screw up Wife’s order…oh well, at least in this round I finally won one…

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