Thursday, June 26, 2008

What’s that Smell?

Yes I realize that it’s been nearly 20 days since my last post, but I have a good excuse…

Ok so I don’t have any excuse other than I’m a lazy bastard. Well that’s not really a good reason either. Work has been pretty freakin hectic the past few weeks with our season wrapping down and a few key players in the organization leaving us for greener pastures. As such everyone gets to take on a little more work and put in a few extra hours here and there. I was also stuck working grave yards a few nights due to one of my employee’s having a bouncing baby boy…number 6 to be exact…what the hell is he thinking.

While I was away I had yet another birthday…nothing to get excited over, it just means more gray hair. My employee’s however decided to remind me of my advancing age…

Please take note of my current cramped office. Thankfully this is only for a few more weeks until I move into my actual office. The current situation reminds me of Dilbert…but at least I have a window with a hell of a view…but then it’s so damn hot here that I have to have the blinds shut tight for the first half of the day and the AC cranked just to keep the temperature somewhere near the arctic (as my employee’s claim).

Other than this, life is pretty good…

Wife has come to town for good now and it’s been an adjustment learning how to live as a married couple again. I was beginning to get used to the life as a bachelor, but she’s quickly beaten that out of me and I am once again a bound man. It’s for the best though…I don’t think I could survive as a bachelor again…I mean really did you see my last post? Glorious as it was, I don’t think my heart could take that kind of abuse every day. I do miss those naughty text messages though…oh well, you can’t win them all.

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