Friday, May 23, 2008

So What

I know that a few weeks ago I promised that I would be updating the site regularly each week. I actually followed through with that for a while but have recently fallen short. For those of you that read regularly I apologize and for those of you who just found the site…well don’t take the few weeks absence as a trend.

I just seem to have fallen into a rut of sorts lately. Work is slowing down, the weather is HOT and Wife is still not here full time…More importantly the house still has not sold.

We’ve resorted to the time tested practice of burying St. Joseph in an effort to speed the sale along. On Tuesday we set him head first into a small hole next to the real estate sign. In the 4 days since, we’ve had 1 chance meeting with an investor looking for an investment property and then last night we had a showing from a realtor that I never expected. So I’ve got faith that by the time that Wife plans on coming down to start her new job in mid June that we’ll have an offer on the table and we’ll be able to get on with life. Now that’s a novel idea.

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