Saturday, January 26, 2008

Long Time

Censored censored censored…
I know that I said I’d re-post my censored posts when the time was right, but I just don’t care anymore. Actually I’m just too lazy to do it right now…
So the facts are that Wife and I really are moving to southern Utah and now that Wife has told her boss I can finally stop censoring my posts. The best part of it all is now I have a window in my office…can you freakin believe it…a FUCKING window. Trust me, it don’t get any better than that bitches.
Look at this and let the jealousy ooze…I took this out my window on my first day…I couldn’t believe it myself so I had to prove it to the rest of you schmucks. So compare your life to mine and kill yourselves.

Oh and did I mention that I get paid to partake of out doors activities as well. For example my new boss insisted on my taking a few hours out on my 3rd day to go hiking with the company…

That’s right bitches…I get paid to hike in this

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