Friday, December 7, 2007


Just when I thought I would be able to focus a little more time here, life once again points me in a different direction. Three weeks ago I received a last minute rush cabinet commission that had kept me tied up every free moment to make sure that it was installed before the 5th. Thankfully I was able to meet my deadline and make a tidy profit just before Christmas. The downside is that with all the time I had to focus on the order I’ve had to neglect a my Christmas orders, so I will once again be focusing all my energies towards meeting those orders so I don’t disappoint come the 25th.

Wife and I are also toying with the idea of heading back to southern Utah on a more permanent basis. It turns out that even with the slower real estate market, other townhouses in our complex are actually selling for a decent amount that would give us enough equity to actually get into a real home with a real garage and yard for the dogs…I know…pretty novel concept. We’ve just decided that even though we’re from the mountains and love everything about them, we just don’t like the snow anymore. I wonder if we lived in a different home that allowed us to park in the garage if we would feel differently. I think it really bothers Wife to have to scrape and brush the car every morning before trudging through the slush and muck to work. For me it’s more about having to constantly worry about the other drivers that either shouldn’t have ever received a drivers license in this area or don’t know or care enough to keep their vehicle safe with proper winter tires, suspension etc. During any given snow storm there is at least 1 person in the ditch on my way home…even growing up here I don’t remember that kind of odds…so it has to be that there are more drivers that are less experienced on the roads here. Go figure…

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