Saturday, July 28, 2007


So this week I’ve been having trouble with the pictures on the site. One day this one and that one work and the next day this one and that one don’t work, but this other one and that other one does…make sense? No? too bad I’m not repeating myself…

So the wife does a wonderfully lovely thing and attempts to contact our hosts IT guys to figure out just what the hell is going on…am I being hacked? is it those damn aliens again? hmmm who knows at this point because the guys at liquidweb just don’t have a clue either. Not that I’m totally put out, more annoyed at the prospect of having to rework all my pictures.

So to the 3 readers that I have…be patient, I might take the 5 minutes needed to rework those broken links…but then again maybe I’ll just ignore them in hopes that they will just magically repair themselves…yeah, I like that route too…

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